Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Memphis Fire Barbecue

Fried Chicken
Memphis Fire Barbecue in Winona Ontario is situated between Hamilton and Niagara Falls and has the best Southern Food in Canada, and easily top 5 in the world. The three meals that we purchased are on the right and as you can see you get a lot for your money and damn it is AMAZING!

Now I am all for eating healthy (mainly because I am not in the best condition anymore), but lets remember that we all need to have a cheat day once in a while and this is worth it.
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich 

Once you walk into the Memphis Fire Barbecue you will be taken to a whole new state of mind that will bring you back to the days of home cooking at its finest. Everything at MFB has been created in their kitchen from scratch and you will be reminded of this by their information slideshow that plays over their serving station. Their slideshow explains how long they smoke each type of meat they serve, which I find cool that they would show that.

There has not been any bad reviews about this place either on any website anywhere which is a very good thing because they would have to be completely crazy.

The food is good, the waiting staff and calm, and courteous and the show they love working there as they are always up beat and explaining more options then what are just in the menu. My first time at MFB was a few weeks after I completed my first of two major knee surgeries and the staff found the best table for my needs and helped me there too.

As you can see I absolutely love Memphis Fire Barbecue and I know you will too. My dad makes review video's on Youtube and we will be creating a review on MFB soon, so stay tuned.
left overs taken home 

Memphis Fire Barbecue address:
1091 King’s Highway #8 
WinonaON L8E5H8
After we finished 

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